Saturday, April 16, 2011

Venice Day Two

Today was another day of lots and lots of walking. Adrienne and I missed the hotel’s breakfast, so we went across the street to the supermarket. It was kind of hard to find something that didn’t require cooking or wasn’t in huge quantities to eat, but we eventually bought a six pack of small chocolate chip rolls. We also wanted milk, but their milk bottles sort of look like medicine bottles, so we ended up buying small little milk boxes (like juice boxes, but for milk) which were really good.

Then we took off for Venice. The nice thing about walking in Venice is, besides it being beautiful to look at, there are no cars or even bikes allowed on the islands, so unlike it cities like Rome, being run over on a sidewalk is not a risk.

There’s not a ton to say about the city of Venice that I haven’t already said, but Adrienne and I did do something a bit different today- we visited St. Mark’s Square. We saw St. Mark’s Basilica and the Libraria Marchiana (though we didn’t go inside either) and toured the Doge’s Palace, which was pretty cool. No pictures were allowed in the palace, unfortunately, but I did get some nice ones of its courtyard.

Even though my bag is too full already, I know I’ll probably never get to Venice again in my life, so I did want to get some souvenirs. Yesterday Adrienne and I both got beautiful carnevale-themed watercolors from a street merchant and today I got a glass necklace and a carnevale mask. Many of the masks run at very high prices- and with good reason, as almost all of them that you see are handmade (though you have to check the back of them. I looked at one that was cool-looking, turned it over and saw that it was made in China. Not exactly what I wanted.) I bought one which was made in Venice, and I really like it, especially the music notes on the side.

Speaking of my bag being too full, the internet still refuses to work on my computer, which sucks because that’s what’s taking up a lot of room in my bag. I brought it so that I could check my e-mail without asking poor Adrienne to use hers all the time, and now I’m having to do that anyway and I have less room in my bag. Grrrrr.

I love having Italian food for every meal, and of course it’s all amazing here. I had some pizza for lunch/dinner (we ate it at 4:30) and it was delicious. Even their mistakes taste good- our bread at dinner was burnt, which I usually think is gross, but it was still really good bread. After dinner, I some gelato (chocolate and mint chocolate), which is like ice cream but a hundred times better because the flavor is so much stronger. Yummm.

We got back to the room not too long ago, and I’m drinking a juice box of pear juice, which I wish we had at home, because it’s awesome. Now I must go!


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