Friday, April 1, 2011

Dans Chaque Fin, Il y a Debut

Indeed. Today is (or was- it's technically Saturday here. But really early on Saturday, so shhh...) a day of exciting beginnings and endings, which I will share with you: 1) CLASSES ARE OVER! Many people have exclaimed their jealousy/excitement/disbelief over this fact, and I am definitely not ashamed of gloating that my classes are finished for the term because, blog readers, it has been a hard month. A really, really hard academic month. My history paper nearly killed me (was I on crack when I decided to take a MEDICAL HISTORY course?!), my RT paper was just annoying (six sources for a 2000-word paper? That's called plagiarism), and I had rehearsals out the wazoo for Adaptations.

(Side note: We were really worried about the performance- our tech/dress was appalling, but you know what they say- bad dress equals good show, and it couldn't have been truer for us. Like I said, it went well and I think it really shows that our group worked well together in our presentation, and the audience really loved our piece, pronouncing it "fantastic" and "really clever"- oh, how I love that word! And my group. Feminist power forever :) )

My group: Me, Emily, Heidi, Jasmine, and Katherine

2) With the conclusion of classes, so ends my junior year. Sort of. I do have to take the stupid online Global Reflections class for Arcadia and I have my history exam in May, but still... classes are done. More disbelief was expressed over my advanced age- my favorite was my friend Danielle's (who is two years older than me), exclamation: "I'm pretty sure you were a freshman about five minutes ago. What is happening?!" It's really scary to think that this time next year (plus a few months), I will be expected to turn into a real person and live without a meal plan and with rent. 3) I plan to participate in BEDA (a.k.a Blog Every Day in April.) This is an event invented by one of my favorite authors, Maureen Johnson, and I've done it for the past two years. Don't worry- I won't write a novel every day. But I think it will be easy to at least post an observation/photo or two because... 4) Now that classes are over, exploration begins! For the next two weeks, I will be examining every corner of London, all the places I haven't gone yet. I made up a list of some destinations and it was added to by a few of my friends who are more experienced in London. I already tackled one of them today- the Peter Pan statue!

I was so excited to see it. I was told about a month ago that they recently erected a gate around it and no one over fifteen could actually go up to the statue. This killed my soul a little bit. But when my friend Jackie and I went to see it today, we found that this was just a rumor- you could go right up to it. FUN FACT: Jackie told me that J.M. Barrie had the statue almost literally "appear" where it still stands overnight. He had it made without telling anyone, then put a notice in the paper saying that there was a surprise for the children in Kensington Gardens. In the middle of the night, the statue was put in its place so that it seemed Peter really had simply landed there that day. The statue is also in the place where Peter is written to have first touched down in the beginning of the novel. My love of J.M. Barrie knows no bounds.

5) Today is also the start of Script Frenzy! I'll keep you updated on my progress throughout the month.

6) I started a great new book today called The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox. It's so beautifully written and the story is so intriguing that I can't put it down. I started it this morning and I'm on page 155 right now. I definitely recommend it. Now I must go to bed- tomorrow's schedule includes meeting up with Jackie to visit the Evolving English exhibit at the British Library and closing night of the show!


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