Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Think Positive!

Today started off not so great. A good number of bad things happened before noon. But then the day got much better, so we're just going to focus on those things.

THING #1: I got my replacement camera! I spent a long time comparing picture quality, because while I didn't want to spend a ton of money, I also have two months of picture-taking to go (possibly more while I'm waiting for my other camera to be fixed), and I wanted them to be fairly good pictures.

THING #2: The camera I got (Fujifilm AV130) is pretty good quality and cost about forty pounds less than I thought I'd have to spend for a worthwhile camera. Hurrah!

THING #3: So now I can take pictures!

THING #4: Tomorrow morning, I head out to a hotel by Stanstead airport so that I can make my 6:30 a.m. flight to ITALY on Friday.


THING #6: After all of the [bad things that we're not going to talk about], none of it mattered. They let me into the show tonight with no problems.

THING #7: Oh, yeah- Laura and I saw The Complete Works of Shakespeare: Abridged tonight. It was AWESOME. I have been obsessed with that show since tenth grade when my English class watched it. I knew the entire show by heart, and I was surprised to realise just how much I remembered when I watched it tonight (I haven't seen it in years.) The show that I saw was different than the filmed version of the play that I watched over and over, for a few reasons. One, it was British-ised. A good deal of the lines were changed, the American football scene was changed to rugby, the Titus cooking show segment was specifically a parody of Gordon Ramsay's F Word (which I wouldn't have gotten if I hadn't read it in the program), and the verses of the Othello rap were almost entirely different.
The other huge difference was that there was a girl in it. This gave Laura and I much hope. The show is always done by three men, with one of them putting on wigs and bodices to play the female parts. It's very funny, but I've always wished that I could be in the show. Well, while it wasn't as funny with a girl playing the female parts, it was close. We both really enjoyed it and I'm so glad I finally got to see the show.

THING #8: In my inbox this morning were my novel edits from my second reader. The first reader I had didn't do such a great job- basically, she just said that she liked it and made some formatting suggestions. While I know that this novel is way better than my last one (or at least I hope), it is definitely not that good that it only needs some formatting changes. The girl who sent today's edits did an amazing job. She did like it, but that didn't stop her from kicking my butt in her comments and pointing out all the things I knew were there but just skipped over in hopes of them going away. I am very happy :)

Oh, also- some people seemed to think that I was being super grumpy in my Dear Blank entry. I did not compile that in one day- I've been getting those together since January and saving them in a document. I am not that unhappy of a person. (Plus, not all of them were bad...)

Okay, time to go finalise my packing for my trip!


Anonymous said...

Just remember that unfortunately, we must have a few bad days, so we learn to appreciate the good ones. LIke you have.
I think their job may also to keep us in a realistic problem solving world.
Believe it or not, you cannot view the world through rose colored glasses all the time, sometimes they get smudged and you have to take them off to clean them... and the real world is there, staring you in the face. :0)

(not that I think you wear rose colored glasses all the time, it is just that we forget how bad some days can be.)

Act like a dog when it is wet... shake it off and move on with excitement from getting re-focused. heck it works for dogs!

enjoy your spring break travels!

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