Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have very little to report, but BEDA (Blog Every Day in April, for those of you who have forgotten) demands that I write. So here I am.

Another low-key day today, spent doing things like packing for my trip on Friday (Oxford, Cotswolds, Bath, Lacock, and Stonehenge) and pre-packing for my trip to Lille on Sunday. I'm taking my laptop with me this weekend, but I may have to just type up my entries and post them when I get back on Saturday, as I'm not sure what internet is going to be like wherever we're staying. As for France, I'm not sure if I'll be able to report 'til I get back- I'm not taking my laptop with me, since Megan's residence's internet connection is notoriously bad (to her and I, anyway) and I don't feel like pointlessly lugging my computer around with me again.

As I was packing, I caught up on some things I've wanted to watch, including Fringe and Castle and I also watched Tangled. The first and third made me cry, and Tangled is AMAZING. If you haven't seen it, SEE IT. It may be an animated kids' movie, but it's seriously funny and touching and the music is pretty awesome too. I am definitely getting it as soon as I can (which is June, since I can't buy DVDs here. Sad.)

Besides watching things, packing, and cleaning up my room a bit, I've been doing some writing. I'm super frustrated with my NaNo '10 novel because, after my last reader's comments, I have to make some extreme changes, things like changing a character's entire personality, even though I love her the way she is. This alteration will seriously change everything about the end, which is already undergoing changes as I need to possibly slow down the final scene, which is already dangerously slow for a conclusion. I am experiencing much frustration, but I won't make you read about it anymore.

Tomorrow I'm going to see one of my classmates in a series of one-acts at the Almeida Theatre and then possibly going to another write-in. I don't really feel like going to the latter, but I probably should raise my page count if I'm going to be computer-less in France for four days.

Off to combat the novel again...

Script Frenzy update: 59 pages


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