Saturday, February 26, 2011

*sigh* Frustration

I am working on an essay right now. Well, not right now. Right now, I am procrastinating on the essay by blogging about how much the essay is frustrating me. When I procrastinate, I write/edit anything but what I'm meant to be writing/editing.

Here is the problem: I signed up to write an essay about my favorite-in-the-world play and its film version (which I also love) for my Adaptations essay. Sounds perfect, right? What's better to write about than favorite material? Yes, yes, I thought this, too, naive blog readers.

I joyfully re-read the play. I gleefully watched the movie again and excitedly held the play in front of me while watching it and scribbled down TEN PAGES of notes on the similarities/differences, why certain things work/don't work within the theatre/film setting, etc. I was pretty proud of myself because, from a play that I knew backwards and forwards and upside down, I got to know even better.

Yeah. Yay. Until I found out that the essay wasn't supposed to be 4,000 words long. It is only 2,500. Usually great to find out about an essay, except that I have about ten times too much material for this piece, I don't know what to cut, and here's the worst part- I haven't even used any of my sources yet because I've got so much to say on the play myself that I haven't needed them. And I have less than 400 words left to write- AHHHH!

"But Rachel," I hear you say from your distant, non-play-obsessed Land of the Normal People. "Surely having too much information is not a problem at all. Just cut it down." You think you know all, don't you, blog reader? Yes, perhaps this might not be a problem for you, but again, I am not normal. I can b.s. my way through any essay-I'm rather wordy, if you haven't noticed- but I have a serious problem with cutting things down when I've got a lot to say. To me, it is all important (especially when it comes to my favorite plays.) This is why I am sad. I've got about eight pages of notes left uncovered in this essay and I really really want to talk about them.

*sigh* Well, there's only one thing for it. If I can't talk about it in my essay... I guess I'll just have to talk about it here.

Whoa, did I just lose all of my followers? :p I am kidding, I will not subject you to my insanity. I will just go cry quietly in the corner by myself now :/
P.S. Also, due to the awesomeness that is Jersey Boys, I cannot get Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons out of my head. I would like the awesomeness to quiet down for a bit right now...


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