Friday, February 18, 2011

BREAK! I Mean... Reading Week.

Yes, today at 3 pm, I had my last class for more than a week! Next week is what the English call Reading Week. At my home college, we have a reading day, where you're meant to study for your final exams, though people usually use it to sleep. Here, while it's the same general idea, it's a bit different. While you are supposed to use it to read material, start/work on/finish essays, etc, we don't have our final exams when we come back. In fact, we've got a month more of school before we're done for the term and then, after a month of complete freedom, we come back and take exams. I can't believe that I only have about four more sessions of each class before school is over.
Anyway, while studying and essay-doing are what Reading Week was technically invented for, people rarely use it for stuff like that. Usually, they travel, and it's so cool to hear where people are going, since it seems like when you're in Europe, every opportunity is at your disposal. Two of my friends left today to spend week in Paris. Adrienne and Laura leave for Scotland soon. Others I've heard are going to Prague, Morroco, Italy, and the like. During my history class, everyone was restless and ready to go home. Even though I'm staying at school, I couldn't stop twirling my pen around my fingers and we left ourf final seminar like the bell had rung on the first day of summer, even though we'll be back in a little over a week.

While the timing of these days off a little weird, I really think a few days off everyone once in awhile is good. My home school rarely gives us days off. We don't get a break in the fall like most of the colleges in the US- our first break of the school year is Thanksgiving- and everyone is really burnt out by that point. I've been known to respond to this by having some semblence of a mental breakdown, but most people handle themselves a little better than I. Even a few days off can be beneficial, and it's going to be great to hang out with my friend and not think about schoolwork until she has to go home (at which time I do actually have to buckle down and draft my essay[s].)

Two things before I go and get my room ready for Megan (who arrives at 8 am tomorrow!):

1) My darling sister (hi, Allie!) has made many remarks that my novel-length entries are, well, long. I do want to try to do a video blog or two, but at this moment, my computer refuses to read the videos from my camera and I'm not willing to use the webcam on my laptop to show you my campus. However, I've been trying to figure out a solution to this problem, and if I do, I will post a vlog!

2) The traffic feed over there has been showing me that visitors from a ton of different places- new locations in the US as well as other countries- have been stopping by. This makes me very happy. Hello, new readers! I hope you keep coming by (I hope my usual readers stick around, as well!) :)


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