Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Entry Comes to You In Two Parts

(If you got the reference in the title, you must be a Nerdfighter, and for that, I love you.)

PART ONE: The Day The Music Died, I Was Taken in For Questioning
I went on a bus tour today. It was one through the school, which meant it was in a classy coach and not one of those double decker red buses (though, as I've discovered, those are used for regular transportation, as well.) This meant that we stayed nice and warm inside inside of riding in the open-air second level; I am not so committed to my photography that I would have been willing to sit up there today. However, I might just do one of those tours when it gets warmer... maybe when my family comes to visit in June.

Anyway, because we were in the bus most of the time, I didn't get a ton of great pictures, though we did stop a few times to get out and snap away. Our tour guide was really funny (this section title is a quote from him) and pointed out some great stuff, including the placed they used for Diagon Alley and Gringotts Bank in the Harry Potter movies! Here are a few random pictures I got on the tour:

PART TWO: Ur Doin it Rong
I got a text from Laura earlier tonight asking if I wanted to hang out. She said that she didn't like being all alone in her room because it gave her time to think and that made her homesick. I totally understood and said sure, so she came over an Adrienne joined us. She, too, revealed that she had been suffering from homesickness. Me? I had nothing to contribute to the conversation. I'm not homesick. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm totally on board with the fact that I'm going to be several thousand miles away from my family for five months, but... I don't know, I'm just not right now. And it's the same as what I reported on my first night- everyone kept saying they constantly had second thoughts, and I never did. What is wrong with me?

I'm not stupid; I know that I will get homesick. I'm too close to my family not to, and its happened before. Maybe it will hit tomorrow when classes start. Maybe it will hit when I see a play and something in it reminds me of someone at home. But right now, while I do wish I could see my family and friends in person, I'm just too jazzed that I'M IN ENGLAND to be homesick. My friend Megan (who has been in France since August and is blogging about it, too) assured me that this is a normal reaction, which makes me feel a bit better.

In other news, I might be doing something else wrong, too, but I won't correct it until they tell me to; today, I installed this:

No, not the window, silly, the blinds! Though they're not nearly wide enough, this will allow me to open the curtains a bit more; I hate dark rooms even more than I hate the color yellow and rice, and these will let in a little more light while still keeping my room private. I'm not sure if they're allowed, but no one's said no yet.

First class tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

YAY!! and you even set them up at the foot of your bed like I was going to suggest. That way you can close them up to the blinds and then leave them open at night, to let the moon light in.

Rachel said...

That's exactly what I do! That way, I can still keep the curtains open a bit, but keep out any creeper eyes.

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