Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Got a Feeling Twenty-One is Gonna Be a Good Year

I turned twenty-one today... scary. I am getting very old.

However, while last year I was very sad to get older, this year I was not so sad. Possibly just because I'm in a different location, possibly because that location is LONDON, and possibly because my friends made the day sound full of prospects. And while last year I wanted to cry, this year's birthday was lots of fun!

I met up with Adrienne and Laura to go to the Titanic exhibit in the O2 Bubble in Greenwich. This was a part of London we'd not been to yet, and it's all spiffed up for (we believe) the Olympics.
I was a little worried that exhibit would be the exact one I saw when it came to Harrisburg in 2006, but while it was similar, the O2 Bubble has a lot more room than the Whitaker Center and so was a lot more elaborate and really interesting (and sad... I want to cry every time I read about the Strausses.)

We had some delicious pizza for lunch, then headed back to school because Laura and I had to go to the theatre induction meeting at 3:30. Out of twenty-five associate students, only five of us showed up. The meeting wasn't terribly interesting or, really, relevant, because an introductory meeting is a littl redundant after a week and a half of classes. At the end, though, the students from the theatre society came in and talked to us about the student run drama group, which sounds like fun. Besides auditioning, I'm going to send in a couple of pieces of writing into them. Then they mentioned off-hand that there were auditions for the Queen Mary Players happening... in ten minutes. So as soon as we were dismissed, I went across the hall to the small theatre and auditioned for the next show, which was a pretty chill, short affair.

Once I returned from that, Adrienne, Laura, and I headed to Covent Garden to Cafe Pizza. If you are ever in London, you MUST go here; they have amazing food. This is the place where we had that amazing garlic bread and desserts and vowed to go back. We again had the delicious bread, but this time got dinner in addition to our dessert... and I won't be surprised if we go back again, because it was fantastic. I think we would have stayed longer than we did, but it was pretty crowded and we were being stared down by a waiter, so we took that as out cue to leave.

To answer the burning 21st birthday question, no, I did not drink, despite the extensive wine list at Cafe Pizza. I am relishing the fact that I am in a country where drinking is old hat by this age and therefore can avoid all of the pointed eyebrows that would wiggle as their wearer asked me, "So... did you have fun last night on your 21st birthday?" However, I did purchase sparkling apple juice from the liquor aisle in the general store and am drinking it frmo a tumbler, so I think that counts. Plus, I still had a ton of homework to do and a 9 am class tomorrow that lasts seven hours, so it wasn't exactly a primary partying night.

So I had a wonderful birthday in London- what a perfect place to celebrate it!


Anonymous said...

I am glad your birthday was a day shared with friends and a good time. Even if it was chopped up in little bits. That may have made it more fun.
SOOO did you have any birthday cake?

once again....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Love ya

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