Friday, January 28, 2011

IHOP Is The Breakfast Place of Liars

Since I just finished my review of Julius Caesar (if 300 or less words can be considered a document of any length... really, teachers?), I am taking a break from homework.

First of all, may I present to you my biggest triumph of my day:

Yes, that's right, I made scrambled eggs (they were not neon yellow, as they appear in the picture)! Hooray! As I've mentioned, I'm not much of a cook, so this is a pretty big accomplishment for me. They were delicious and I only burned myself twice!

The one thing I don't like about making scrambled eggs is that you have to pay close attention to them, and I usually read when I cook here, so the cooking of these eggs was cutting into my reading time :p

Here's something that seems obvious that you don't realise is a cultural difference until you're stuck. I mentioned yesterday that I was going to go looking for art/office supplies for my project. I was just looking for stuff like scissors, glue, colored paper, etc. But... where do I get that stuff? The first places I would look at home would be stores like K-mart, Wal-Mart, Staples, etc. But they don't have those here.

I remembered picking up some thumbtacks at an office supply store by the study abroad office in Kensington, and I remember seeing them everywhere. But the only thing I remembered about the name is that it started with an R and there were a lot of consonants. This did not help in a Google search.

Eventually, I figured out what it was called (Ryman, for any fellow students reading this), checked their hours and for a closer location (Kensington's rather far from school), and headed out. I found the place without too much trouble... and it was closed. Actually, EVERYTHING was closed. It's Saturday. Color me irritated, especially because it's so cold here that when you exhale, you let out an opaque cloud.

Four random things:

1) I love that people here use the word "clever." It's such a lovely word and we really don't use it in the U.S.

2) Last weekend when we were waiting for the waterfall to cease, Adrienne was jonesing for some chocolate chip pancakes. We expressed our love for IHOP pancakes and asked Emmie if they had IHOPs here. She said that they do not. So basically, their name is a lie :p They should be called AHOP.

3) I heard the phrase "tucking in" (a.k.a. beginning to eat) on Thursday. I had heard it before in books, and that's another phrase we don't use at home.

4) I'm not sure exactly how over the list I am, considering how much I've been torturing myself by reading stuff about the show. It'll pass. #masochist

That's all for me today. Tomorrow- another homework day (without supplies for my project.) Hurrah.


Captain Stennous said...

Does this successful cooking experience mean that you are now capable of making food for Enscribe? This would allow you to better express your femininity within the testosterone-dominated production team. And since I'm a proud egalitarian feminist male, I'd definitely support you in this new-found. What do you think? It'd be a great opportunity to add "tucking in" to our daily vocabulary. :p
I've always thought you were a masochist. Does this make me clever?

Rachel said...

Here is a list of food that I can make: grilled cheese, pasta, cookies from a bag, mac and cheese, pork, chicken, and now eggs. Hardly man-food, but you can make the decision :p I don't think I need to work too hard to express my feminity since a) it's pretty apparent and b) it's even more so when surrounded by only guys.
I appreciate your support, however. And I don't think I've ever seen you guys negelect an opportunity to "tuck in" before :p
No, it makes you someone who's seen me freak out. Aren't you proud? We'll call that observant :p

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