Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Things

Yesterday, I came home to a package! I love packages! I knew that my mom was sending me an ace bandage for my ankle, but I didn't expect the other things:

Girl Scout cookies! Popcorn! And chips (which, even though they're from America, are labelled "crisps")!

Though the ace bandage goes on my ankle, it's actually for my foot. I mentioned in my 2010 overview post that in October, I did something to my foot (I have no idea what) that's made it very painful to walk since then. I've been walking on the side of my foot for nearly six months and the pain stil hasn't gone away. But even with just a few hours of wearing the bandage since yesterday and my foot already feels better- and I'm walking less oddly on the other foot, too. I guess I was doing it to balance myself out.

In other news, I just got an e-mail telling me that I didn't get a student film role that I tried out for yesterday. I got the casting call through the school theatre company, and my groupmate Emily and I both auditioned yesterday between class and rehearsal (though not together.) My audition actually went really well. The script was funny and my audition partner was good to work with. They spent a lot of time with us, both of us getting to read for each character and giving us direction, and I was surprised when Emily came back from her audition within a few minutes. They also talked schedules with us and it seemed like they liked the girl and me as a pair. And yet... no part. If they liked my performance as much as they say they did, it honestly could have come down to the fact that my accent would have stood out. But you never really know.
I'm definitely disappointed, because it would have been a cool short-term project to work on, but these things happen. I think I'd be less disappointed if I had more time here, but just like when I'm back at Arcadia, I'm starting to panic because I haven't gotten a part yet. Limited time in any place makes me fret when it comes to theatre. As I've said before, I did more roles than I usually do last semester because I wanted to but also so I wouldn't feel like I needed a part here. Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten what I'm like. But I guess with all the schoolwork I have to do memorizing even a two-page script wouldn't necessarily be the best thing to spend my time on (says the logical part of me. The other 98% just wants to act.)

This weekend, I'm going to a University of London library that my history teacher reccommended, as the school library doesn't have all of the books I need for my essay. I'm finishing up the one I did find there, and I have to say that my teacher has definitely done his job. In over two hundred pages of academic reading, I understand every reference, know every name mentioned, and know that I have several additional articles on the subjects covered. The book itself is very interesting- The Female Malady by Elaine Showalter- and I'd like to read all of it, but I think I'll have to do that after my essay is due; I don't have time for extra reading right now.

Now time to make some pasta and read about more crazy people...


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