Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Opening Night!

Opening night was lovely. Even though I'm not onstage much, it was almost as much fun as a regular show, and I think that it was only less so because I hadn't had the rehearsal build-up to get me excited. But the great thing is that I feel really welcomed by the cast- we're all able to talk and they invited me along with them to the pub afterwards (though we kind of all dispersed beforehand because they had friends there, so I ran away. That's how antisocial I am.) The one actor even gave me a card, just like everyone else in the cast, and I get to bow with them and everything.

I didn't expect such a warm welcome from everyone after jumping into the show just yesterday, but it's been great. The director thanks me about five times a minute, and I received a hug after the show like everyone else. It truly is wonderful just to be sitting backstage, listening to the show doing my homework by stage light, just like I like to do.

I did feel bad though, because I was meant to meet up with a friend from high school tonight, and then yesterday the director told us we would be at the theatre much later than I had originally thought, so we had to reschedule. I hate it when people do that to me, but I didn't want to promise him and time and be late... and then we ended up getting out early anyway. Bleh. But at least this way, no one will be late or stressed about getting anywhere.

Oh, also, a correction- my friend Stuart noticed that I wrote in the last entry about the show how I hoped I would have to wear skimpy clothes in the show. Never fear readers, I have not changed that much- that was a typo. I desperately need a new keyboard, and the thing it absolutely hates to type are the ends of words. I am not yet English enough to wear hardly any clothing in freezing weather like many of my universitymates do.


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