Friday, October 15, 2010

Wow... Almost Fail...

Sometimes I get so excited about things that I forget that in order to take part in these activities, I first have to do responsible things. You know, like turn in forms, ask for recommendations... oh, and PAY MY DEPOSIT, which, if not paid on tiem, will not save my spot. I didn't read the acceptance e-mail all the way through... had I done this, I would have known that I had ten days to put in my deposit to hold my spot. I also would have figured out when that ten days was up.

However, I didn't, so I didn't, and probably would have lost my spot if my dad hadn't called me and asked me if I'd paid it yet. Cue my stomach dropping to the floor, the same way it did when I got a call from the Study Abroad office yesterday and the person on the other end sounded like they were bearing bad news (they weren't, thankfully, but I almost had a panic attack anyway.)

So, after a few minor problems, I finally hit the "submit payment" button. Phew... crsis averted. THANKS, DAD!


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