Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm In!


I got it when I returned from giving over my very last documents that I had any control over. Now they just need the form from my study abroad advisor and my recommendation letter. But I'm officially in! This is even more exciting because I didn't get into my top university in America (though I do love my college), but I did this time! I can't wait to go!!!


Katie said...

Pssst. In the future you can his the "Prnt Scrn" button and go to the paint program, paste and voi la (sp?) you you have a screen shot. Might make life easier. Or you can use the snipping took if you have windows 7

And I'm too lazy to sign in right now

Rachel said...

Yeah, I didn't know how to do that until almost a month ago... now I do :p

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