Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The London Look

I'm not really a fashionable person, but sometimes I try and one of the best places to experiment (and possibly fail) with your look is London.

Guys pretty much dress the same as they do at home and girls don't exactly dress crazily in London, but they're much less inhibited than Americans. Girls in America tend to stay with the current fashions, and they do this in London,too, but everyone adds their own twist.

For example, one big thing, and my favorite, is tights under shorts.

Many times, the tights are black, but other times, they're patterned.

Still other times, they're bright red. Or yellow. Or turquoise. And the shorts vary, too- I and many others stick with denim, but people go for black, flowered, checkered, shiny gold... you name it, they probably sell it.

Popular shoes for girls, and another trend I love and follow, are Oxford shoes (boys wear these, too, but the ones they wear are more masculine-looking.)
Before I came to London, I wouldn't have bought a pair of these in any color but black. After all, black goes with everything right? Well, in London, everything goes with everything. I bought a pair that's a bit lighter than the middle pair, and have worn them with way more stuff than I would have ever deemed acceptable. People also wear sparkly shoes in gold and silver glitter, bright yellow or red (often with their yellow or red tights), or flowered, among other things.

Dresses are popular but not as much as skirts and blouses/t-shirts. Jeans are in, too, but leggings more so (this is a fashion I refuse to adopt unless I'm wearing a dress/skirt. Leggings are not pants, no matter how skinny you are.) Bangles are big, as are big rings. Many girls tie their hair up with a scarf in a sort of Rosie the Riveter style.

There are many more fashion-y things that I'm over-looking, but really, in London, there are no rules. Once, a girl showed up to an RT class in camo pants and a sports bra (again... no matter how skinny or fit a person is, I consider an actual shirt a requirement to attend class.)
On another note, I got very little studying done today... it's all starting to sound the same and they're all citing each other, but I'm still not even halfway through the reading list- I have to read 45 more sources if I want to do that, which is not going to happen in ten days. It is very possible that I could fail this exam, despite the hours upon hours of studying I've been doing.
But I did do something fun today, which was going to Laura's drama practical rehearsal. They perform on Thursday, but their class is huge and there were never any tickets available, so she invited me to come and see their dress rehearsal today. It was a really cool piece and I'm really glad I got to see it.


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